Advanced Islamic Studies

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Decode The Divine Text:
A Word by Word Exegesis of the Qur'an

Every Tuesday After Isha Starting Oct. 9th

Join us at Masjid Ar-Rahman for this class on topic of Tafseer. Sheikh Anwar will go over the Principles of Tafseer as well as Tafseer of certain parts of the Qur'an. 

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Iyas ibn Muawiyah once said, "The example of a group of people who recite the Qur'an without tafseer is like a group of people getting a letter from their king in the dark; and they cannot read the letter. And the example of the one who does Tafseer is like a person who brings a torch and reads the letter to them so that they understand what the king has told them to do."


The Seeker's Regalia

The Seeker's Regalia is a class on the etiquettes required of a student of Sacred Islamic Knowledge. The class based on the book Hilyat Tablib al-Ilm (حلية طالب العلم) by the late Sheikh Bakr Abu Zaid Rahimahu-Allah. 

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Every Sunday After Isha Starting Oct. 7th

Need for Creed is a weekly class dedicated to the propagation and understanding of the beliefs of Ahlu-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah. The series will be an explanation of the Islamic Creed Series by Shaykh Dr. Umar al-Ashqar rahimahullah.