Sadaqah Jariah  "Purchasing the Land next to Masjid Ar-Rahman"

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Alhamdulillah, Allah has facilitated for our community a great opportunity we can not pass on as a community! The only vacant land viable for future use to provide additional parking and any other future expansions inshallah. This land as pictured below is 4.2 acre commercial land directly east of Masjid Ar-Rahman.


Since the opening of Masjid Ar-Rahman nearly 5 years ago, Mashallah the community grew tremendously with some Friday prayers services exceeding 1000 worshipers added to the programs offered throughout the year and during Ramadan. Therefore, it’s imperative that as a growing community we take advantage of this opportunity offered to us by the grace of Allah.


IAGM inquired to purchase this land 5 years ago but the asking price was $1.5 million, too much at that time. And now after much negotiations the offer has been accepted for $575,000 Alhamduillah. But we must act now! The closing date of this purchase is February 7th.


Jazākum Allāhu Khayran for your continuous and generous support to the house of Allah SWT

Donate to Land Purchase

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