Our Program is built to provide teens with the knowledge to be strong in their deen, along with tools to navigate life as Muslims in America.


Students will spend time each week developing their skills in reading and understanding Qur'an, learning foundations of Islam via Hadith and Sunnah studies, discussing topics regarding belief via Yaqeen Institutes Conviction Circles curriculum, and special topics workshops.


Program Timings:

Sundays 10:30am - 2:00pm



Masjid Ar-Rahman

7906 Lowrance Road Memphis TN 38125



$200 per Semester


If you would like to volunteer or to find out more about supporting this program, contact:

Br. Omar at (801) 783-0145 or Sister Em Islam at (225) 252-2849

Please feel free to contact us via the numbers above  regarding registration or any questions.

 Registration is limited!