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Sheikh Mohamad El-Kadi

AL-Quran Institute of Memphis & IAGM Imam

901-756-4794 Ext. 5

Born in Kafr El Sheikh, a city to the North of Cairo, Egypt. Sh. Elkadi memorized the Quran at a young age of 10 years. He obtained Islamic studies from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Egypt in which he earned a bachelor degree in Usul-Al-Deen and Dawah in 1985. He continued his journey in seeking Islamic knowledge at Al-Azhar University where he got a Master degree in 1994 and later a Ph.D. in 2000 in the field of Dawah.

He moved to the United States in 1995 to New Jersey where he served as the Imam of Jersey City Islamic Center. He also served as an Imam in various cities across United States including Dallas, Texas and the suburbs of Los Angeles, California at King Fahad Mosque before moving to Memphis, TN in 2009 to serve as an Imam for the Islamic Association of Greater Memphis.

In addition to his eloquent Quran recitation, Sheikh El-Kadi has a great passion and vast experience in teaching Quran to children and adults. He has been teaching Quran for decades initially at Al-Al-I’lm institute and Brighter Horizon School in Texas, and currently teaches at Pleasant View School in addition to being integral part of Al-Quran Institute of Memphis.

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