The Greater Memphis Area Masjids and religious leaders have agreed to begin a partial and gradual REOPENING of the masjids. Please READ & COMPLY with the guidelines of the reopening. 

Khutbah Schedule
Fridays 1:00PM
Max. capacity: 100
Feb. 5th - Sh. M. Elkadi
Feb. 12th - Sh. M. Zaghloul
Feb. 19th - Sh. M. Elkadi
Feb. 26th - Sh. M. Zaghloul
Iqama Times
until Feb. 25th
Fajr - 5:45AM
Dhuhr - 12:30PM
Asr - 3:45PM
Maghrib - 10min after sunset
Isha - 7:30PM



Masjid Ar-Rahman - Islamic Association of Greater Memphis