The Greater Memphis Area Masjids and religious leaders have decided to provide Ramadan services this year that include socially distanced and time limited Isha, Taraweeh, and khatiras (45-60min total) in addition to the regularly established prayers at each masjid. There will NOT be in-person community iftars at any masjid, however, some may offer drive-thru services. 

Khutbah Schedule
Fridays 1:00PM
Max. capacity: 192 people
Apr. 2nd - Sh. M. Elkadi
Apr. 9th - Sh. M. Zaghloul
Apr. 16th - Sh. M. Elkadi
Apr. 23th - Sh. M. Zaghloul
Apr. 30th - Sh. M. Elkadi
Iqama Times
Until May 6
Fajr - 5:15AM
Dhuhr - 1:30PM
Asr - 5:00PM
Maghrib - 10min after sunset
Isha - 9:30PM